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Thank you for your interest in our services. This page contains reviews for Paneless Home Services that have been collected from several sources online. Below them, links to independent review sites are conveniently located for your reading pleasure. We would never claim to not have an accident or make a mistake because we do employ human beings. But, we do guarantee that anything caused by us will be handled professionally and with integrity. It’s not easy to maintain a five-star rating since 1997 with thousands of clients. We hope the opinions gathered for you here will speak for themselves. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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Paneless Home Services, Window Cleaning, Dallas, TX


More Ways We Can Serve You

Paneless offers a host of additional or add-on services. These include high dusting, mirror polishing, shower glass restoration, cobweb removal, and light bulb and battery replacements. In general, additional services are usually smaller add-ons we clean while there for a major service from one of our divisions window cleaning, soft washing, or floor cleaning.

RO technology is reverse osmosis water that is filtered through a five-stage process. This process removes all total dissolved solids and chlorine that cause water to spot or dry hard because of minerals. Since the water is pure, it acts as a cleaning agent itself. Water loves minerals so when we remove those minerals, it wants them back. We refer to it as thirsty water. So ask yourself, what is in soil? Minerals. Now you have water that wants minerals. So we use this RO water to adsorb the soil on a window or floor surfaces. This RO water is incorporated into the majority of the services we provide.