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Hardwood floors give your home or business warmth and elegance that is inviting to all. Over time as dust, dirt, and even residue from mopping build up, the floor can become sticky and dull. Our hardwood floor cleaning and coating can refresh and clean crevices a routine cleaning can’t.



First, it is essential to provide a complimentary consultation to determine square footage and the current state of your hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with store bought cleaners and coatings that contain acrylics. These can build up on your floor and require stripping to proceed with cleaning. Once we verify the condition of your floor, we can proceed with one of two processes.



Coatings that are flaking and peeling can be a real problem. Sometimes we encounter an ambitious homeowner who tried to wax or seal their floor and were given some thoughtless or less than thorough advice on the process. Many things can go wrong, but the most common are not correctly prepping or using the wrong products.

Sadly, we have also seen this happen from other “professional” service providers. The good news is that in most cases we can successfully strip floors saving you the cost of a complete sanding and refinishing. Stripping is done in small areas at a time so the process can be controlled. After dwell time, the product is extracted, and it can take several attempts to remove the unwanted coating. Once the floor is completely stripped without damaging the polyurethane we proceed to deep cleaning.

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The first cleaning process, when no serious buildup of coating or wax is present, is to do an intense deep cleaning. Our product is designed to break down all other cleaners applied.

The equipment used is also specifically designed for wood floors and consist of a solution and a recovery tank. The machine feeds our solution to counter rotating brushes which scrub the wood and reach down in the grooves of wood floors. Simultaneously, extraction of the dirty solution is suctioned to keep your floors as dry as possible.

Our expert may also determine that a spray and buff is a more appropriate process. The same solution is used with a power-driven buffer that has a cotton loop pad used to trap dirt. Lastly, floor edges and baseboards are cleaned by hand.



Small scratches and scuffs caused by chair feet and stools can usually be fixed with touch-up stain. We carry a variety of colors that can be blended to match your floor. This process is most successful with hand-scraped floors and can sometimes be performed on traditional flat hardwoods.

This is an additional service priced according to the amount of repairs. It should be noted that it is not recommended for all hardwood floors. The type, location, and existing conditions are all factors to be considered.



Coating wood floors is another option to consider, and would be in addition to cleaning the floor.

The coating we use is a water-based urethane that will adhere to your existing urethane coating. It will not flake, bubble, or turn yellow. There is no need to call in movers or spend the night in a hotel. Since our product dries within an hour we can move furniture to another room and move it back when we are finished. We can also do multiple rooms simultaneously and you are able to carry on with normal activity.

The product is fully cured within 24 hours. The manufactures warranty states one year, but we have found that this is highly impacted by foot traffic. A home full of pets and kids could wear the product down in high traffic areas within months. However, we have seen households that take off their shoes and dry mop frequently have the product last years.

The biggest benefit to having your floor coated is that it helps prevent direct damage to the floor and helps prolong the life of it without having to sand and refinish. Some customers also prefer the look of it as it enhances the color and appears cleaner.



The first concern is usually, “Is it safe to have my hardwood floors wet?” The Basic Coatings Intensive Cleaning Process uses cleaning solutions that do contain water. These solutions also contain evaporators, like alcohol, that help the solution flash off the floor. It is true that excessive amounts of moisture can damage a wood floor, however, the suction of the machine combined with the evaporators in the solution mean that our processes are completely safe for your hardwood floors.



Paneless recommends cleaning maintenance of hardwood floors once per week per family member. For example,  a family of four would dust mop or vacuum four times a week. When the floor needs to be cleaned from mud or a spill use 2-3 drops of dish soap mixed with 20 ounces of water and place that in a spray bottle. Mist the floor and use a microfiber mop head to clean it up.

Professional deep cleaning is recommended once or twice a year depending on the traffic in your home. Take advantage of our floor maintenance program for reminders, discounts, and scheduling priority.

RO technology is reverse osmosis water that is filtered through a five-stage process. This process removes all total dissolved solids and chlorine that cause water to spot or dry hard because of minerals. Since the water is pure, it acts as a cleaning agent itself. Water loves minerals so when we remove those minerals, it wants them back. We refer to it as thirsty water. So ask yourself, what is in soil? Minerals. Now you have water that wants minerals. So we use this RO water to adsorb the soil on a window or floor surfaces. This RO water is incorporated into the majority of the services we provide.