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Remove Scratches And Etching

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Restore Original Appearance

Marble and natural stone floors or countertops are a beautiful addition to any home or business. Over time tiny scratches, scuffs, dirt, and other build-up make stone appear dingy and dull. Likewise, you may notice that the stone loses luster and light no longer reflects well in areas of heavy use. A regular cleaning will not take care of this, but Paneless can! We can restore its original appearance, as well as apply a protecting sealant that ensures its beauty for years to come.



Dull spots are caused by microscopic scratches created by dirt or sand combined with friction moving along the surface. Additionally, dulls spots can be caused by an acid spill such as lemon juice or even toilet bowl cleaners. Acids will attack the calcium in the stone and cause it to etch. Therefore, the hotter the acid, the deeper the etch mark will be. Fixing an etch mark entails a deep hone on the stone to make it smooth again.

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Marble and Natural Stone CLEANING Process



The first step is to evaluate the type of stone we are working with. There are three: igneous – formed from molten magma (granite), sedimentary – formed from sediment and has layers (shell, sand and stone) and metamorphic – formed by heat and pressure (marble, slate, and quartzite).



To begin our polishing and diamond honing process, one of our trained technicians will inspect for etching and scratch depth to determine what needs to be done. If there are not any etch marks or a need for honing, your technician will proceed using either a powder polish, paste polish, or crystallizer. If etching and scratches are present, the floor or counter will require honing to the depth of the damage and polishing to bring back its original luster. Some etch marks can require honing all the way down with a 50 grit diamond pad and all the way up with an 800-3500 grit depending on the desired finish. The finishes are satin, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, mirror or even a honed finish.



After the desired luster has been brought back, it is essential to seal the surface. Sealers work by penetrating through the natural pores of the stone to create a long-lasting breathable layer. This protects the stone from wear and tear as well as staining. Click the sealing link to learn more.


Marble and Natural Stone MAINTENANCE

Maintenance for your floors and counters is important, but not all types require as much care as others. For example, travertine needs to be cleaned at least once a year because it is more porous than say granite. Travertine will absorb more dirt and get dirtier even if it is sealed. In addition, Travertine contains a lot of fill and will eventually reveal holes that will require filling. If not, your stone will begin to deteriorate more quickly. After completing your service, your technician will leave you with a bottle of stone cleaner and give you instructions on how to clean between our visits. Your technician will also give you a recommendation on how often you should call us for a professional cleaning or polishing.

Natural Stone Polishing

RO technology is reverse osmosis water that is filtered through a five-stage process. This process removes all total dissolved solids and chlorine that cause water to spot or dry hard because of minerals. Since the water is pure, it acts as a cleaning agent itself. Water loves minerals so when we remove those minerals, it wants them back. We refer to it as thirsty water. So ask yourself, what is in soil? Minerals. Now you have water that wants minerals. So we use this RO water to adsorb the soil on a window or floor surfaces. This RO water is incorporated into the majority of the services we provide.